At Bimman Real Estate Services Inc, young minds bring innovative thinking into the real-estate industry, minds trained in business philosophy develop by the company's founder and president, Alexander L. Bimman who emphasizes the quality service means profit for client and staff.

Since its inception in 1985, the company has introduced creative approaches to an industry that has sometimes become static in its thinking.

Armed with a unique and comprehensive computerized database compiled by the company's telemarketing research facilities, Bimman has created a brokerage and advisory company thar stands out from firms many times its size.

In-depth knowledge of leasing and how the rental dollar is earned is fundamental to each member of the results-oriented additional advantage of being supported by the industry's only telemarketing research programme, giving the firm access to local, regional and national demographics, user needs, trends, demands and space availability.

The team has the industry's best tools to produce detailed and workable marketing plans and presentations, whether as brokers, advisors to corporate decision makers, or as tenant representatives.

In every capacity BRESI stresses integrity and service and, because of its unique resources the ability to produce swift, positive results.