Advisory Services

When trying to assess the true profit potential of their real estate holdings, many major users of real estate are reluctant to deal with developers and brokers. This provides Bimman R. E. Services Inc. with the opportunity to play a key role in advising corporate decision makers on how to improve the productivity of capital used to secure real estate property.

As remuneration does not depend on the outcome of the proposals submitted, the client's benefits from truly independent analysis and advice. Utilizing the data gathered by the telemarketing research team and the input of a group of specialists, Bimman's overriding concern is to help the client add value to his real-estate holdings.

At times, BRESI has been retained to evaluate feasibility studies and the conclusions arising out of them, basic flaws in both. In its advisory capacity, the company has then made proposals, which altered the original plan and resulted in the success of the project.

Advice given by BRESI is never static. It is advice that indicates many different ways of improving return on investment. In many cases, this advice exposes hidden real estate profits and ultimately leads to ongoing asset management programmes.