Investment Brokerage

The philosophical background and business experience, particularly with the banking community, of Bimman R.E. Services Inc. management enables the company to temper an aggressive reaction to opportunity with conservative analysis and assumptions. This is supported by a wealth of information from the company's unique telemarketing program, giving BRESI an unrivalled base for making the best real estate investment decisions.

The credo of the BRESI investment team is:

– Be prepared to recognize an opportunity by knowing the market and responding to it in time.
– Look at the property through the eyes of the user.
– Submit all opportunities to the neutron bomb test, a conservative analysis of real estate that looks at a property unencumbered by its present tenants.

As a company that represents developers, landlords and tenants and advises senior corporate decision makers, Bimman has a feel and knowledge of the market place that few can match.

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