Tenant Representation

Building trust and confidence

Recognized throughout the real estate industry as innovators and first-class negotiators. Bimman R.E. Services Inc. provides a service for tenants that saves times and money, relieving the busy executive of the pressures of securing the best site and lease.

The advantages to a tenant in being exclusively represented by BRESI are many:

Because the broker's commission is paid by the lessor there is often no cost involved in being represented by an exclusive broker.

By giving BRESI the mandate to handle the complex details of proper site selection, the tenant saves considerable time and aggravation. Negotiations with the landlord are handles by BRESI, which operates with a vast knowledge of the market and without disclosing the real estate bargaining position of the tenant, thus strengthening his hand. The landlord also feels more confident in negotiating through an exclusive broker, secure in the knowledge that the tenant is sincere in pursuing the property. ed projects.

An exclusive agreement gives the broker an imperative to produce to devote the time and effort necessary to obtain the best possible terms for the tenant. This develops a relationship of trust and confidence based on full accountability.